Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buttonholes...the 12th Wonder of the World

...or somewhere around that number.

Buttonholes tend to be a scary thing for beginner (and often times even experienced) sewers. I myself have a small phobia of them. But tonight I found the magical decoder ring tonight!


  1. I'm a beginner and I love ying with my button hole maker on my sewing machine.

  2. I learned how to do these manually years ago on my Pfaff 262, and I still like that method best -- even though that machine and my newer Pfaff both have buttonhole attachments.

    It's the easiest with your zigzag stitch and your needle left/right/center adjuster. Just mark the length of the buttonhole on your fabric, sew 4-5 base stitches in a wide zigzag, move the needle left and adjust to a narrow zigzag. Stitch down the length of the buttonhole. Then turn around, move the needle to the center, do another wide zigzag stitch about 7-8 times, move the needle left again, narrow the zigzag stitch, and stitch back down the length of the buttonhole. Move the needle center again and do a couple of finish-it-off wide zigzags, and you're done. Works WAY better than any of these gadget thingys I've ever used. And faster, too.