Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blogs and Sewing Supplies

Tonight I found a couple of great blogs and I've been going through their archives for the last hour or two. I love finding new inspirations and ideas! Both blogs have wonderful photos (because I tend to not do a lot of reading on blogs...) and tons of tutorials.
Make It and Love It


On Noodlehead I found a great post that has photos showing sewing supplies and each item is numbered. Then below the photos is the item name and a short description on some. It's a great post to look at if you are new to sewing and don't know what supplies you need or if you've heard the name of an item several times but aren't sure what it you can look at the photos and find out :)

So go check out these two blogs and let me know what you think. Also let me know if your 'to make' list doubles after looking at the blogs for awhile...I think mine just did...

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  1. Let me guess -- you're thinking about that little girls' skirt with the yoga waistline! The wheels are sure turning in my head. I know two of my girls who would love that idea - and they are WAY beyond 5. I think it would work across the board. You should do a tutorial on it! :)