Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My First Sewing Machine

I've mentioned on my history blog that this is a landmark year for the Singer Sewing Machine company. I myself own a few Singer sewing machines...and really like them.

Last night my mom came across my very first sewing machine in storage. It's a machine that I dearly loved and hoped had not been thrown out over the years. I remembered the sewing machine being white with clear blue areas...but had long since forgotten that it too was a Singer Sewing Machine.

I was probably somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9 when I was given this toy sewing machine. I used to get scraps of fabric from Mom, would sit down in my bedroom floor at the machine, put two together and sew several lines up, down and across until I thought it had enough stitching. Then start over with more pieces. I never mastered threading the machine so when the thread ran out I always had to have Mom come and rethread it (thankfully I've gotten over that...). Sadly after a decent amount of usage and a few fabric jams a plastic piece on the inside broke rendering the machine unusable.

I so glad to see my first sewing machine again. It’s really amazing how far I’ve come since the days of sewing on that machine in my bedroom floor!


  1. Hi, Whitney

    I love it. I bought a sewing machine for my little girl and hope she loves sewing too.


  2. I love the old Singers. My 401 is awesome. They just don't make them like the used to though. I must say though the Singer they made to look like the old fashioned ones does look pretty. How awesome to have this treasure from your past to look at and remember all those good times.

  3. That's a PRICELESS momento and memory! Thanks for sharing!