Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back-To-School- DIYs


  1. I just sat and watch your YouTube video repeatedly on the turtle messenger bag and took notes. Do you have any videos on sewing the strap on the sides? I want to make these for my 2 boys for Easter.

    1. Ok, I just cut out all my fabric and was watching your video..... I'm having to scratch your instructions and try to make changes. You put up on the screen pattern sizes and how many exterior, lining, and interfacing, then as I watch you cut out your own pattern, you label your pieces a different amount. Then as I watch more..... You have interfacing on the strap and no lining but your pattern screen says lining not interfacing. Then for the back pocket, you have exterior and lining for Back #1 and 2 but I only see you use exterior....That's is just a couple things. This was all disappointing. I am just learning and this was discouraging.