Friday, July 17, 2009

Coaster How-To

My latest project has been making drink coasters. I saw some on the internet and thought they were cute so I wanted to try to make some.

Start by sewing two different fabric pieces together for the front, ironed the seam and topstitched it. If you want yours to be made from just one fabric then skip this step.
Trim the fabric to make it square (a good size is a 4" X 4" square).

Cut a 4" X 4" square of your back fabric and of a fleece fabric for the lining.

Line the pieces up with the front and back right sides together and the fleece on the outside so that it makes a sandwich (front piece right side up/back piece right side down/lining piece)

Sew around the square leaving a 2 inch gap. *Don't forget to backstitch the beginning and ending of your seam*

Trim the corners.

Turn the coaster right side out and iron.

Top stitch around the coaster making sure to sew closed the opening you turned through.
*Click photos to enlarge*


  1. Cute! I love the fabric you used in the second set of pictures.

  2. Thank you. They are both left over from dresses I've made.

  3. I absolutely love this tutorial! It's so much fun and super quick too. I made one set i posted on my blog. All recycled fabric. :D