Thursday, August 20, 2009

Comments and Posting

Hey everyone...thank you for all the comments you've left here. I just now saw them because I thought I had my email set up to get updates when comments were left...but something got messed up. I was a little bummed thinking no one was looking at my site, but I flipped through and saw that people really are reading it and leaving comments and it made my day! So I'm sorry if you all thought I was ignoring your posts, I'm not and I will get my email fixed so that I know each time one of you lovelies posts something :)

I've added a new widget into this the upper right hand side is a 'Current Project' section. I always like to see what other people are working on so I thought it would be fun to put it up. Hopefully it will also work as a motivation for me so that I don't just start a project and never finish it like I tend to do a lot.

I'm also working on making posts other then the weekly videos! I want to post personal projects, things that inspire creativity, and viewer submissions when I get them. Well that's all for now... :)


  1. 1..2..3.. "^.^"
    I am working on some video tutorials, when evr I get a nice one made, I'll submit it to you via youtube. My sewing machine keeps quitting on me, so this has been a problem. I'd *love* to be able to luck on on sewing machines like you do! Whenever I find one that works in a thrift store, they are charging as much as a brand new one:P Guess it has to do with where I live. I need to go thrifting in the big cities, they have good prices because they are always getting tons of new items.

    Do you have the new Generation T book? I bought it last week and looooove it! There's just something amazing about taking something old an turning it into something new and awesome! I love the dress in there that's basically a tshirt infinity dress. I also love the scarf-shirt project. Great stuff. Subversive Seamstress and Sew Subversive are also books I like, mainly because of the sewing references. There are some good projects, but I hate how similar projects are in each book...

    So, this is the second test for you to see if your email thingy is working"^.^" Lookin forward to a new week on Whitney Sews!

  2. Hi Pickled Pandas! My email is finally working! I'm so excited about it :)

    The thrifted machines is really something you have to luck in singer came from a garage sale down the road. It had belonged to the peoples grandma so they just wanted to get rid of it. The other two machines were from a thrift store in my college town...a rural Oklahoma Salvation Army. I've seen a lot of other machines at thrift stores, but none priced as cheap as those.

    I actually don't own either Generation-T book...I just check them out of my local library. They have lots of neat ideas in them. I'm wanting to make the infinity dress sooo bad! I just haven't had the time or found the right t-shirts (or fabric) to use yet. Have you made that dress??

    Anyway, I'm so glad the comments are finally working and I loved having your long message to read and respond to :) Talk to you later

  3. I'm thinking about going ahead and making the dress. I did have this insane idea of waiting until I get a serger, but WHO KNOWS when that's going to happen? I can't afford the one I want, even though the price is insanely good:
    The thrift stores where I live charge a lot for clothing. Too much in my opinion. Maybe I'm overly thrifty, but when they are charging department store prices, there is something wrong. Ironically enough, if I were to go to Atlanta to go thrifting, I would be able to get tons for next to nothing! Crazy, huh?

    I get most of my books from the library as well, but I had to buy the newest Gen T book. The first one I got for free when I was helping out at our church yard sale (sweet!).

    I'm all about long messages and rambling on about nothing! Bad habit of mine quite honestly.

  4. Rambling on isn't a bad habit in my opinion...I like having something to read :)

    I think you should go ahead and make the dress. I've made a lot of things from t-shirts without using a serger and they lasted a long time. You could always go back and serger the finished edges of the dress when you get a serger later on.

    Yeah, some thrift stores charge WaY to much. There is a goodwill in Tulsa that I go to some that charges like $9 for jeans that don't even look that good...why pay that when I can get jeans on sale at JCPenny for about $12. And don't worry, if there is anyone that is overly thrifty then it's me :) I'm the definition of it.

    That's cool that you have both Generation-T books...and especially cool that you got one for free! The only recon book I own is Tease- 50 inspired T-shirt transformations. My mom got it for me at a garage sale. It's got a few cute projects, but I still like the Gen-T books better.

    Anyway, I'll stop rambling now ;)