Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Episode 17- Puffed Sleeves


  1. I've done this before! Only I was a bit confused the first time I heard about making a pattern for making puff sleeves. So instead, I cut off the sleeves to the shirt, gathered them at the shoulder seam, and reattached them. Thanks for the video, now the next time I want to do puff sleeves I can do them properly!

    Pictures of the said shirt:

  2. I think it turned out cute! Is that your etsy store??

  3. yes, that is what is left of my dilaptitated store"^.^" I'm going out of business because I just can't afford it anymore and want to focus on craft shows instead. (ha! I can't afford etsy so I want to do craft shows which cost like 150-300...definitely can't afford those either right now:P)