Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last year I had the awesome job of being the co-costumer for my university's theatre department. If you have never been involved in costuming or really theatre in any form then you don't know what you are missing. It is fun because you never know what you will be working on...we made everything from Klan robes (for The Foreigner) to horse costumes (for Cinderella), and sometimes it is torture because you never know what you will be working on. But over-all I can say that I learned a lot and had a lot of great experiences and met a lot of wonderful people through costuming (and got a lot closer to Angela!) So I just wanted to share this video that a classmate of mine did for her Video Production II interview project.**

**If you are interested in some of the other projects we did for Video II here is a link to the playlist. The first episode of Whitney Sews was actually my final project for that same class.**


  1. I would be so excited to work on costumes! What an amazing job to have. And stressful I bet.

  2. What kind of sewing machine is that in the background and is that the one you use?

  3. Sorry, wrong video. It's a brown sewing machine in your sewing tutorials. Thanks!