Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Talking and a T-shirt Recon


  1. Thanks for the words in the begining of this video, I kept messing up on the doll I was working on, but hearing what you said inspired me to keep trying till I got it right! I finished the doll (well she has no face yet, but at least her limbs are made and attached!), and am working on another"^.^"

    And I love tunics. Absolutely love anything that covers the bum and is flattering.

  2. Aww...I'm glad that you were inspired and that's awesome that you finished the doll!! Angela made me a doll when I graduated that I just realized I never took a photo of...I will do that tomorrow and post some pics. I totally want to see the doll you made!

    I also looovee long shirts. I can't stand it when I sit down and my shirt goes up, or I raise my hand and my stomach shows...just not cool in my book...anyway I'll stop rambling now :)