Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Episode 32- Winter Fun!

-The question at the end was kind of last minute...but I'm going to try to include a question each week because I love meeting and getting to know people. If you have any suggestions for questions I could ask then please let me know :)

-Also let me know if you have any projects you want to show on this blog. I would like to include more of what other people are doing.


  1. I found you because someone posted one of your videos on a LiveJournal crafting community that I follow.

  2. i found your videos originally from "t-shirt surgery", then followed you to your blog. i eagerly wait to see what project you are doing next.
    - a fellow okie (from norman, but grew up in broken arrow)
    p.s. we used to go to branson at least once a year. love that place!