Friday, January 1, 2010


Hey everyone! So with a new year usually comes resolutions...but for some reason I don't really make resolutions. I tend to just make goals and not usually at the first of the year...

For example- in Nov 2008 I decided to not buy any new clothing at full price until 2010. I managed to do it with the exception of a few tank tops I needed, but they were only $3.50 at full price which was about as cheap as Wal-Mart tanks on sale.
Another goal I had was to try and read 50 books in '09...but I didn't make that goal until about Sept '09 and I was already 35 books in. I finished the year at 52.

So I figured I would try and set some goals at the first of this year like most people do...however only one of mine has the one year time limit. The rest are just general life goals, which is why I'm bad at this resolution making thing.

-I'm going to try and read 35 books in 2010. Hopefully more of them will be non-fiction
-Sew more clothes for myself.
-Use more vintage patterns so I can practice using patterns more and so I can add more fun, vintage pieces to my closet.
-Continue to refuse to pay full price for new clothing.
-Watch more classic movies

Anyway, that's my 2:30 a.m. ramblings...I would love to hear what goals/resolutions you're setting for yourself for 2010.


  1. Oo, I like your resolutions! I think what you did with the not buying new, full price clothing for so long is terribly impressive! That you stuck with it for over a year is amazing.

    I have a habit of going way overboard with my resolutions, it's absolutely crazy how long my lists get! But my very top resolutions are (typical & unoriginally) to eat better, exercise more, spend less, blog more, and to make some sewing tutorials, having been very inspired by your ability to do your show & keep up with it!

    Have a happy new year, Whitney!

  2. Good luck with reading non-fiction. Sometimes, I feel so bad, because the bulk of my reading is sci-fi and fantasy (outside the bible of course). I find it incredibly difficult to get into any other categories.

    I joined the 2010 destash-a-long on craftster and the 50 projects in a year on craftster. I'm excited to see what I accomplish in the new year"^.^"

    I'm probably going to post my goals in my blog, don't want to clutter up yours"^.^"