Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Episode 39


  1. those buntings are just plain adorable! i am already planning some red, white, and blue ones for my porch for the fourth of july. they would also be perfect for birthday parties.
    your sewing machine is gorgeous! my mom has an ancient singer treadle machine that i have been pining for. the antiques are the best, and the fact that they are still running just shows their quality.

  2. Thanks :) Red, white, and blue bunting sounds super cute!

    I agree, antique machines are the best. I wish I had a singer treadle...I had the chance to buy one for $15 a couple of years ago when I bought my other singer. But at the time I thought 'I don't really need to vintage machines...what would I do with them?' And now I have 5 vintage machines and wish I had the singer treadle...oh well...